Marlon Brando and his two Vamps.

 If you have read a few of Maila’s interviews or articles on Maila Nurmi (more famously known as Vampira) you will know she knew Marlon Brandon. In some interviews it is said that he was obsessed with her. Well she wasn’t the only vampire in Brando’s life. 

Sacheen Littlefeather was a native american civil rights activist who won the Miss American Vampire pageant in the 1970s. The pageant was a publicity stun for the up coming tv show House of the Dark Shadows (a spin off of Dark Shadows). Two years after being crowned Miss American Vampire, Sacheen was offered the chance to stand in for Brando at the Academy Awards. Brando wanted to protest against the prejudice and misrepresentation of native Americans in the media and so had Sacheen Littlefeather appear on his behalf to reject the academy award. 

it’s interesting that Brando had two unconventional, strong, beautiful, vampish women in his life.  

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